August 26 is celebrated as ‘International Dog Day’ (or ‘Dog Appreciation Day’), a day to appreciate our best friends on four legs. Founded in 2004 by animal behaviorist Colleen Paige, the day honors dogs for all that they do to enrich our lives and communities and today, and we bring you five most adorable commercials featuring puppies. Emotions are more important than most marketers realize and commercials featuring pets often go viral and have hight audience acceptance due to the fact that they provoke deep emotions, increase likability and brand awareness. As marketing professor Mizerski from the Florida State University accentuates, emotional, experiential, and aesthetic behaviors that normally lie beyond the scope of traditional marketing are receiving extraordinary attention.

5. ‘Dog Romance’ / Citroën C3

Commercial signed by French agency Les Gaulois (H Paris) features two pups who meet by chance on the road.

4. ‘Every Home Needs a Harvey’ / ThinkBox

The commercial features Harvey, a rescue pup who clearly understands the value of differentiating yourself in the marketplace.

3. ‘Sled’ / Suzuki

Suzuki’s Super Bowl commercial called ‘Sled’ features the Inuit Eskimo driver who trades in his sled for a new Kizashi to the surprise of his wife and a husky dog sled team.  Music by 50 Cent.

2. ‘Tri’ (‘Three’) / Radenska – Croatian version

Radenska is a Slovenia-based worldwide known brand of mineral water, the trademark of Radenska company that has been in use since 1936. Campaign signed by the director Miha Mlaker (for BBDO Zagreb) features a boy who has been ‘surrounded’ by the number three throughout his whole life. Best part – it features an adorable three-pawed pup.

  1. ‘Lost Dog’ / Budweiser

In 2015 during Super Bowl Budweiser introduced one of its probably most adorable commercials – ‘Lost Dog’. In the commercial directed by Jake Scott, a puppy learns the true meaning of friendship by reminding us that #BestBuds always have your back.

Have you hugged your dog today?