Whilst Halloween has long been a popular celebration in the US, in recent years the ‘holiday’ has crossed over into other markets, where it has shown impressive growth over the last 5-years. Much of that spending is limited to candy, treats, decor, and costumes, but businesses in other industries can also benefit through clever marketing that piggybacks on the popularity and fun of Halloween. Making a few changes to your branding can do a lot to scare up sales for your business, so we’re listing you 5 trending digital marketing ideas for the Haloween.

  1. Branding With Halloween Elements

The most obvious changes to make are to the cover and profile photo for all social media platforms you are active on – you can either change your profile image to something Halloween related, or just add Halloween related elements to your existing profile image – either way, it should be simple enough to notice, and to tell what it is. Your cover image is your opportunity to go big – retain some branding if you’re running any promotions for Halloween, include text in your cover image that conveys this. Whilst customers who already follow you on various social media platforms won’t always see your cover image, the cover image is meant for customers discovering your brand by searching for your name or products/services on social media platforms, and could encourage them to explore your feed further to see what other offers you have available.

2. Themed Social Media Marketing 

Whilst this should already be happening for other big events – such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Black Friday, and more – now would be the time to fix that omission if you’d previously forgotten about Halloween. since Halloween is smaller than Christmas, there’s no need to make all your social media posts Halloween related, but having one or two Halloween posts a week during October is a great idea. However, if you have any Halloween promotions running, they should also be promoted on social media through both regular posts, and as part of your normal social media advertising. In addition, user-generated content (UGC), but it is really quite perfect for small and medium businesses, with limited marketing budgets and resources. And running a themed contest is a very easy way to get UGC. In the interest of driving brand awareness, run these contests on your top social media platforms, and make entry conditional to use of a specific hashtag, and entrants liking and sharing the post. As the Facebook algorithm has been modified over the years to view posts that ask for a share less favorably, be sure to mitigate the risk of this happening by promoting the contest through a paid campaign too. The idea is to not only get user-generated content that you can use in future posts but also to expose your brand to a new audience, which shared posts have a better chance of achieving.

3. Themed Email Campaign

small themed changes to your email campaign can also boost sales, or drive brand awareness. Note: if you share any tips via your email marketing, include an image sized for sharing on Facebook or Instagram that features one or two of these tips – making it easy for people to share with their family, friends, or group. Also, if you want to do more than just promote brand awareness with your Halloween themed email marketing, include an exclusive discount offer for one or more of your products or services.

4. Modify your ad copy for any Google Ads campaigns

Halloween is a big event for some types of businesses, so specifically targeting Halloween related keywords could be a little more expensive than what you are used to, but that doesn’t prevent you from simply updating the copy in your ads while continuing to target your standard set of keywords.  When modifying your Google Ads for Halloween include keyword research, modify your existing copy and promote special offers. Google Trends data shows that searches for the term Halloween peak in the week leading up to Halloween, but that they also start climbing from late August already, so your Google Ads campaigns can begin referencing Halloween from the start of October, up until the 31st of October.

5. Add some themed elements to your app

If you have a mobile app or PWA (Progressive Web Application) don’t limit yourself to only adding Halloween elements into the app itself, but consider giving your app icon a slight Halloween look too – a small change to your app icon could help it stand out on mobile devices, prompting users to open it to see what else is new. Naturally, you shouldn’t only change the look of your app, you should also roll-out Halloween specific offers, promotions, and content.

Photo: Patrick Fore

Source: App Institute