16th – 19th April 2018

Changing places: Visions of utopia or dystopia?

The Corfu Symposium is an annual event dedicated to developing the theory and practice of place management and marketing, within a context of responsible tourism on the island of Corfu.  Unique amongst academic conferences, the Symposium offers scholars the opportunity to engage directly with placemaking, management, and marketing issues – as the Symposium includes local businesses, policymakers and other stakeholders eager to implement cutting-edge researchthat can make a positive difference to Corfu.

SMART growth, inclusive growth, degrowth, devolution, revitalization, placemaking, place branding and destination marketing: A list of commonplace practices or ambitions. But what future do these bring to the towns, cities, regions or nations in which they are adopted? The theme of the 5th Corfu Symposium on Managing & Marketing Places is to explore the utopian or dystopian visions associated with the place practices we study, promote or enact. Whilst we do not expect all authors to provide this reflection themselves, time will be devoted, within the symposium, to collectively discuss and debate the potential impact on places tomorrow from the work we do today.


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