According to the Reputation Institute’s (RI) new G15 Economies CEO RepTrek®, World’s most reputable CEOs are Keith Barr (InterContinental Hotels Group), Tatsumi Kimishima (Nintendo), Sundar Pichai (Google), Denise Morrison (Campbell Soup Company), Dirk Van de Put (Mondelēz International), Ralph Hamers (ING), Bernard Hess (The Kraft Heinz Company), Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn), Fabrizio Freda (The Estée Lauder Companies) and Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani). Mrs. Morrison is also the only woman among the top ten.

RI’s CEO RepTrek® includes several dimensions, namely (1) leadership (meaning that the CEO has a strong leadership image, clear strategic vision, and anticipates change), (2) influence (the CEO has good communications skill, a global perspective, and is viewed as highly influential), (3) responsibility (the CEO acts responsibly, behaves ethically, and cares about social causes) and (4)management (the CEO is an effective manager who understands the business, and creates stakeholder value). In addition, companies that prioritize CSR have a stronger corporate and CEO reputation than those who focus on financial metrics. Also, the research suggests that we no longer live in the ‘Era of the Celebrity CEO,’ meaning that celebrity CEOs, which focus on personal brand, populism, and character are used to focus on leading with products and innovation predominantly.

The research, which took place between and January and February 2018 includes 28.000+ of individual ratings, including Informed General Public (somewhat or very familiar with CEO’s company and CEO), 139 researched CEOs.